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A documentary titled ‘Stan Lee’ is in development at Disney+ based on the late Marvel legend Stan Lee

Disney+ is producing a documentary about the late Marvel legend Stan Lee. The documentary, titled ‘Stan Lee,’ will examine Lee’s life as well as his contributions to Marvel Comics and comics in general.

Additionally, a trailer for the movie with the caption, ‘a century of fantasizing, a century of creation, a century of Stan Lee” was released which includes clips from Lee’s cameos in Marvel films, which helped him gain popularity with younger generations of Marvel fans.

A legendary figure in the world of comics, Stan Lee. He started working for Marvel in the 1940s and changed the industry by assisting in the development of superheroes with relatable flaws and problems. They were vulnerable, they bled and hurt.

This was in stark contrast to DC’s gods like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, who were inapproachable and godlike in their indifference to common people.

However, do not expect the documentary to explore the controversial side of Lee, since it is Disney, which owns Marvel, that is producing and distributing the film.

A recent biography titled ‘True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee’ by American journalist Abraham Riesman ruminated on the darker side of Lee in some detail.


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