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For domestic migrant voters, the polling panel uses a remote voting device.

To assist domestic migrants in exercising their right to vote, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has created a prototype Remote Electronic Voting Machine (RVM) and invited political parties to a demonstration on January 16.

The polling panel is prepared to launch a pilot study to evaluate the machine’s efficacy with the goal of assisting the adult working population in casting their ballots and boosting voter turnout.

According to a release, the poll panel has also put out a concept note on remote voting and asked political parties for their opinions on the logistical, administrative, and legal issues involved in putting it into practise.

Up to 72 constituencies can be handled by the multi-constituency remote EVM, which was created by a public sector venture.

‘Remote voting will be a transformational step for boosting participation in political democracy,’ said the Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, after a focus on youth and urban apathy.


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