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These tips will spice up your love life

Foreplay ignites physiological and physical responses that make sexual activity enjoyable and even possible. Foreplay is an essential part of sex life. It is the sexual activity before intercourse.

There are several sensitive areas in our body and stimulating these sensitive areas in the body during foreplay will make sex more funny and enjoyable.

The Toes: Toes are extremely sensitive areas and licking or sucking them can be very erotic.

The Earlobes: Many people also have extremely sensitive earlobes. Nibbling on the earlobes and licking behind their ear can send your partner to seventh heaven. Also, whispering some sexy words into their ears can turn them on.

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The Back of the Neck: From the nape of the neck, go to the back of the neck and shoulders. Some light tickling can prove extra sensitive.

Border of the Lips: The buccal nerve which surrounds the edges of the mouth can stimulate you like no other. This extremely touch-sensitive area is often overlooked since most people focus on the plump part of the lips. Try lightly tracing the edges of your mouth with the tip of your finger and you will know the fun.

The Scalp: The scalp has tons of nerve endings and should be on your list of sensitive spots. Just try running your hands through their hair and observe their “I am loving it” look.

The Nipples: Nipples are extremely sensitive areas in women as they are for men. This unchartered territory tops the list of erogenous zones in men.

The trail on The Thighs: At the top of the inner thigh is one of the most explosive nerves of your body. Known as the ilioinguinal nerve, it is extremely sensitive to touch.




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