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Minister Riyas congratulated us, says ‘Matha’ director Kanakadas in the Kalolsavam controversy

The Perambra-based artists’ collective Malayalam Theatrical Heritage & Arts, or Matha, which produced the event, denied any Sangh Parivar purpose was behind the welcome song of the 61st Kerala State School Kalolsavam.

Director Kanakadas informed Manorama News on Tuesday that after we sang the song ‘Drishya Vismayam,’ minister Mohammed Riyas congratulated us. He said that the group had previously performed the song during CPM’s district meetings.

Minister V Sivankutty said that, ‘Matha would no longer be permitted to participate in Kalolsavam. While they were practising, the welcome committee viewed the performance. There was no dress rehearsal for it. The representation is in opposition to LDF’s beliefs’.

In the musical, a terrorist who had killed a soldier in the first act was captured by the Indian Army. The terrorist was shown as a man brandishing a gun and wearing a Keffiyeh (a traditional Arab head gear worn by men).

It’s interesting to note that minister Riyas, one of the primary organisers and the head of the welcome committee, recently stated that it is improper to portray a group of people as terrorists and that the Sangh Parivar links of the organisation should be looked into. ‘Someone is trying to achieve this, and they’re using movies and other media to do it.’ He had previously advised the media that it shouldn’t be endorsed.


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