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Tips to  follow to make your sex life more beautiful

By using some simple techniques everybody can  make their sex life more beautiful.

Try to know more about sex. Know about the best positions, best time and how to be more romantic. For this read good articles about sex. And also ask your partner too. This will help you and your partner.

Explore yourself by touching or masturbating, and help yourself get to know ‘you’ better. It will not only boost your mood, but the next time you’re having sex with your partner, it’ll boost your confidence as well. Share your sexual fantasies with your partner and also ask her/him to share theirs too.

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Use some  lubricants. Lubricants come in a variety of flavours, you can choose one according to your mood.

Practicing meditation and yoga will relax both body and mind. It will also increase the flexibility of the body. So, you can be a master of different sex positions. Meditation will boost your mind power. According to various studies, practicing yoga has led to better performance in bed.

Try something new every once or twice a week with your partner. Use extra time for foreplay. These tips will help you to make your sexual life more beautiful.


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