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Ways to induce periods on time

Ginger Tea
Inducing menstruation with ginger tea is a magic trick. A substance found in ginger called gingerol lowers bodily inflammation and causes uterine contractions, which further aid in the onset of periods. 1 cup of water and 1 inch of chopped ginger should be brought to a boil in a pan to prepare ginger tea. For three minutes, simmer. Pour the filtrate into a cup and enjoy it warm.

Vitamin C Fruits
Fruits high in vitamin C are claimed to also aid in triggering periods because they contain ascorbic acid. Fruits such as oranges, kiwis, lemons, strawberries, and gooseberries are essential if you want to have regular periods. You can either have vitamin C fruits as a standalone snack or use them to make juice, shakes or smoothies.
When ingested frequently, the salt and potassium included in jaggery can normalise your erratic menstrual cycle. Because it is naturally warm, jaggery will quickly induce late periods. Jaggery, sesame seeds, and nuts can be combined to make jaggery laddoos, which you can have every day.

Fenugreek Water
To reap the most advantages, sip a glass of fenugreek seed water every day on an empty stomach. 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds should be soaked in water overnight. The next day, drain the water into a pan. Early in the morning, reheat it and eat it.

Try using turmeric in various ways to help regulate your menstrual cycle. You can mix it in milk and even add jaggery to make the concoction powerful. You can also consume raw turmeric or kacchi haldi in the form of pickle and even sabzi.


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