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Study assisted by AI reveals that the Earth will breach the 1.5 degree Celsius warming threshold within the next decade

According to a recent study with the help of artificial intelligence, the Earth will cross the 1.5 degree Celsius warming threshold above industrial levels over the next ten years. The research raises serious concerns about global warming and its potentially disastrous repercussions on the environment.

Earth is on course to warm by more than two degrees Celsius, and there is a 50% chance that this will happen by the middle of the century, according to researchers at Stanford University and Colorado State University. The milestone is considered to be the Earth’s tipping point by scientists.

‘We have very clear evidence of the impact on different ecosystems from the one Celsius of global warming that’s already happened,’ Stanford University climate scientist Noah Diffenbaugh, who co-authored the study, told Guardian. ‘This new study, using a new method, adds to the evidence that we certainly will face continuing changes in climate that intensify the impacts we are already feeling.’

A type of AI that recognizes relationships in vast sets of data was used for the study.

Scientists trained the system to analyse global climate model simulations. It was then asked to determine timelines for given temperature thresholds.


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