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‘He made an argument out of it…’: Michelle Obama explains the way Barack Obama proposed to her!


Former US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are one of the favourite couples, and we keep on gushing about their cute love story and strong marriage. The former first lady appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, four years ago, to promote her book, ‘Becoming’. During the interaction, she shared some lesser-known facts about her marriage, including how the 44th US President originally proposed to her. Now, the same video is going viral and people are absolutely loving the details.

Barack Obama proposed to Michelle Obama at a restaurant in Chicago. However, the ‘hotshot lawyer’ picked up a fight with her over the topic of marriage and misled her into thinking that he was not sure of it right now. She was referring to the time in 1989 when she was given the responsibility of mentoring Barack Obama at their law firm. It was a celebratory dinner as Obama had passed his bar exam.

‘He made an argument out of it (the proposal)’, Michelle Obama said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She continued telling the host, ‘We would have these deep discussions about whether marriage was really necessary if two people loved each other, and he would make his lawyer-ly arguments and I would be irritated. And that’s how he decided to propose to me by starting that argument at dinner’.

Michelle Obama then states that she started making her points as a lawyer. ‘He picks a fight, and so I deliver, because I too am a lawyer and I have my points to be made. And by then, dessert was coming out and the waiter put a platter in front of me with a little box, with a ring on it’. She could not believe it at first because the waiter put the ring in front of her while they were having a heated argument. ‘And in the middle of the argument, I was like ‘Whaaat? He opened up the box and he said, ‘Now that ought to shut you up.’ And it did’, she told the host.

Last year, in October, the couple celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion, the former President shared a few pictures on Instagram including a photo of himself resting his head on his wife’s shoulder while at the beach. Other pictures included their names engraved in a heart in the sand and a black-and-white wedding photo.


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