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Hug Day 2023: Know how hugging makes you happy

Mumbai: The sixth day of the Valentine’s Week is celebrated as ‘Hug Day’. On February 12, lovers across the globe give a hug to each other.

As per experts, a simple hug can strengthen the relationship. A hug is considered as the sweetest expression of love. Hug simply allows you to express your love and care for someone without uttering a single word.

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Medical experts claim that hugging has several health and metal benefits.

Below are some benefits of hugging:

Relieves Stress: Hugging is a stress reliever. Hugging can decrease the level of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone as it is  released when we are stressed. When cortisol level goes down it makes us feel calm and relaxed. So, whenever you feel heavy, just go and hug someone.

Relaxes muscles: Hugging helps relax the muscles by improving blood circulation. The gesture can also provide relief from pain.

Reduces anxiety: As per a study published in the Psychological Science journal, hugs can help reduce worry and also make us feel valued.

Makes you happier: When we hug someone we love, then the body releases a chemical called oxytocin or the cuddle hormone. This hormone makes us feel happier.

Can help connect better: Scientists have also found that humans, besides communicating verbally, can express a range of emotions through touch, which includes hugging.



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