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Scientists warn that Artificial Intelligence can be misused to design highly toxic biological and chemical weapons

Stealing the creations of artists, assisting pupils in exam fraud, and now this. Artificial intelligence has the potential to be abused to create extraordinarily lethal biological and chemical weapons, according to scientists.

Four experts who work on AI-based drug discovery have cautioned that the development of poisonous nerve agents using AI technology might be easily done, and that these agents could potentially be utilised for biological or chemical warfare.

The Swiss Federal Institute for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection assigned the researchers the task of determining if AI could be used for evil purposes. In just six hours, they were able to produce not one or two, but 40,000 potentially harmful medicines.

Fabio Urbina, one of the researchers, and the lead author of a paper detailing these findings told ‘The Verge’ a technology magazine that all they had to do was ‘flip the switch’ and say ‘instead of going away from toxicity, what if we go towards toxicity?’

The findings have been shared in the journal Nature Machine Intelligence.


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