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Know the benefits of doing Halasana

Halasana also called Plow posture is an inverted variation of the asana in which your heart is above your head. This posture is advantageous for circulation and can lower blood pressure.

Here are the benefits of doing Halasana:

It benefits the digestive system. Eating the incorrect sort of food might lead to digestive issues. Through gentle massage, halasana strengthens the colon and promotes the digestive system. This helps with digestion and ensures that the meal is properly digested.

It is beneficial for your back discomfort. Halasana can help you stretch your back, which can ease back discomfort. Additionally, if your hips, shoulders or neck are tense, this pose might help you feel better by relaxing those regions.

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It benefits the thyroid glands. This inverted position causes the to flow from the lower end to the upper end in the opposite manner. The blood that travels through this pathway and reaches the thyroid in the neck and the pituitary in the head stimulates the endocrine system and aids in the proper operation of the thyroid gland.

It promotes blood circulation. The blood flow is reversed in the plough stance, which also aids in getting blood to all areas of the body, including the tips of the nerves and glands.




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