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After the US, Canada bans the Chinese app TikTok from government-issued devices over security concerns

Canada follows the US in banning the Chinese social media app TikTok from devices provided by the government due to security reasons. According to a statement from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, the app poses a ‘unacceptable’ threat to security since TikTok’s data collection techniques give users access to the contents of the government phone.

According to Reuters, the Chinese app owned by ByteDance is being looked into by both the federal and provincial privacy regulators in the nation due to worries over the use and distribution of personal information.

For the general public, choosing to utilise a social media programme or platform is a personal choice, according to the Treasury Board statement.

However, the Communications Security Establishment’s Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) guidance strongly recommends that Canadians understand the risks and make an informed choice on their own before deciding what tools to use.

The move comes days after the European Commission imposed a similar ban all across the continent.



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