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ChatGPT’s newly introduced advanced ability can turn text into video

The days of ‘simple’ AI skills like joke telling and crafting love letters, poetry, and emails are long gone. Text can be converted into video thanks to a recent advancement in ChatGPT.

Next week, a new feature will go live that will make text-to-video creation possible. The new function will be introduced as part of GPT-4, an updated version of GPT 3.5 that is ‘more powerful and adaptable,’ according to tech website Stuff, and which is ChatGPT’s extensive language model.

At the March 4 event called ‘AI in Focus — Digital Launch,’ Microsoft Germany’s Chief Technical Officer Andreas Braun made the announcement. The largest shareholder in OpenAI, the business that created the well-known Chatbot, is Microsoft.

As per reports, the model is expected to be multimodal, i.e., it will include capabilities beyond just text, and will include images and videos.

‘We will introduce GPT-4 next week; there we will have multimodal models that will offer completely different possibilities — for example, videos,’ said Braun.

Due to its multimodal capabilities, the chat-based AI could possibly be able to translate text into images, video and even sound, reports ZD Net.


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