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Ethnic communities of Indian descent in the UK have the highest levels of education, says survey

A recent survey conducted by a UK-based Indian community organisation, the National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK, has found that the Indian diaspora in the UK is outperforming the British population in terms of education and home ownership. The survey was conducted on over 3,000 Indian students and professionals in the UK.

According to the survey, the Indian diaspora in the UK has a higher percentage of people with a postgraduate degree than the British population. The Indian community in the UK also has a higher home ownership rate, with 75% of respondents reporting that they own their own homes compared to the national average of 65%.

The survey also found that the Indian diaspora in the UK is well represented in the fields of engineering, medicine, finance, and technology. The respondents reported high levels of satisfaction with their lives in the UK, with many citing the quality of education and career opportunities as reasons for their contentment.

The survey’s findings are a testament to the hard work and determination of the Indian community in the UK, who have been able to excel in various fields despite facing numerous challenges. The Indian diaspora in the UK has made significant contributions to the country’s economy, culture, and society, and their achievements are an inspiration to many.


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