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Study reveals that footballers are 50 per cent more likely to suffer from dementia

A recent study has found that footballers have a 50% higher risk of developing dementia. The study was conducted by the University of Glasgow and was based on an analysis of medical records of over 8,000 former professional football players.

The study found that footballers had a higher risk of neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia, compared to the general population. The study also found that the risk of dementia increased with the number of times a player headed the ball during their career.

The findings have raised concerns about the safety of football and the potential long-term health effects on players. Football authorities have already taken steps to reduce the risk of head injuries, including limiting the number of headers allowed during training sessions.

However, some experts have called for further action, such as the introduction of temporary substitutes to allow for more thorough assessments of head injuries during matches.

The study adds to the growing body of evidence linking head injuries in sports to long-term health problems, including dementia.

Efforts are being made to improve player safety and reduce the risk of head injuries in sports, including the development of new technologies to monitor head impacts and the implementation of stricter rules and regulations.


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