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Sarus crane who befriended an Indian farmer after being injured taken from him and moved to a wildlife sanctuary

A Sarus crane that made headlines in India last year has been taken to a sanctuary for its safety and protection.

The Sarus crane is the world’s tallest flying bird and is considered an endangered species in India. The bird has been facing threats from habitat loss and degradation, as well as hunting and poaching.

The crane was rescued last year after it was found injured and unable to fly. It was then taken to a veterinary hospital where it received treatment for its injuries.

After the crane’s recovery, it was kept under observation for several months to ensure that it was healthy and able to fly. The bird was then transported to a sanctuary where it can live in a safe and protected environment.

The sanctuary where the crane has been taken is a wetland area that provides an ideal habitat for the bird. The area is home to a variety of other bird species as well, making it an important location for wildlife conservation efforts.

The relocation of the crane to the sanctuary is a positive step towards protecting the species and ensuring its survival. It is hoped that more efforts will be made to protect the habitat of the Sarus crane and other endangered species in India.


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