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Eric Garcetti formally sworn in as the next US Ambassador to India

The United States’ newly appointed Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, was sworn in on Friday. He took the oath of office in a ceremony presided over by Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Garcetti had been confirmed by the Senate earlier this week.

Garcetti was previously the mayor of Los Angeles and is the first Indian American to hold the position of US Ambassador to India. He was nominated by President Joe Biden, and his appointment was seen as a signal of the importance of the US-India relationship.

During the ceremony, Secretary Blinken highlighted the importance of the US-India partnership and praised Garcetti for his qualifications and experience. He expressed confidence that Garcetti would be an effective representative of the United States in India.

Garcetti also addressed the attendees and emphasized the significance of the US-India relationship. He pledged to work towards strengthening ties between the two countries and to focus on shared priorities such as combating climate change and promoting economic growth.

The US-India relationship has been a key focus of the Biden administration, and Garcetti’s appointment is seen as a positive step towards further strengthening ties between the two countries. In recent years, the relationship has grown closer, with the US and India collaborating on issues such as security, trade, and technology.

Overall, the swearing-in of Eric Garcetti as US Ambassador to India marks an important moment in the US-India relationship, and it is hoped that his tenure will further deepen ties between the two countries.


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