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Dr. VP Gangadharan reveals Innocent’s death caused by Post-Covid complications, not cancer

Dr. VP Gangadharan, a renowned oncologist in Kerala, recently revealed that it was COVID and related complications that caused the death of the famous actor, Innocent, at the age of 75. This news dispels the general belief that Innocent had passed away due to cancer, a disease he had been diagnosed with nearly a decade ago and had successfully fought off. The actor had been open about his diagnosis, treatment, and cure, even writing a book on his positive outlook while battling the disease.

Dr. Gangadharan remembers the time he informed Innocent of his biopsy test result, which revealed his cancer diagnosis. Despite the initial fear, the actor faced cancer with a light-hearted attitude, becoming a model for society and providing consolation to those who were mentally weary. Innocent’s bold fight against cancer with a positive mind was admirable, and Dr. Gangadharan believes there is much to learn from him.

Innocent’s decision to trust only scientific methods of treatment and to seek medical facilities in his homeland contributed to his cure, according to Dr. Gangadharan. Despite having the means to go abroad for treatment, Innocent remained in India and conveyed his positive experience of cancer treatment to other patients, encouraging them. During his chemotherapy, Innocent participated in activities of cancer organizations, such as ‘Kali Koottam’ of the Kochi Cancer Society, which invigorated the whole camp.

In Dr. Gangadharan’s words, ‘He fought the disease boldly and with a positive mind. We have a lot to learn from Innocent.’ Innocent’s legacy remains not only in the film industry but also in the way he faced and overcame cancer, giving hope and inspiration to many.


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