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Tibetan spiritual guru Dalai Lama attends the Global Buddhist Summit

According to reports by PTI news agency, Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, attended the Global Buddhist Summit, a two-day event hosted by India in collaboration with the International Buddhist Confederation (IBS) on April 20 and 21.

On the second day of the gathering, the spiritual guru spoke for around 30 minutes to a group of monks and other delegates about the ideals and philosophy of Buddhism, emphasizing compassion, wisdom, and meditation, which are central to the philosophy and teachings of Lord Buddha.

The Dalai Lama’s attendance at the event was confirmed by a government-in-exile official from the Central Tibetan Administration.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke at the opening session of the summit on Thursday, highlighting the challenges posed by present times, such as war, climate change, economic instability, terrorism, and religious extremism. He said that these challenges can be overcome with the help of Lord Buddha’s teachings.

The summit has two parts, an academic session and a Sangha session. The inaugural session was open for the media to attend, while the second session was not. The event is a first-of-its-kind summit hosted by India, which is the birthplace of Buddha and has a unique advantage in spreading the culture of Buddhism across the world.

Through events such as Buddha Purnima, which commemorates Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and nirvana, India can use its rich Buddhist heritage as a platform to promote Buddhist teachings and practices and showcase its Buddhist legacy, encouraging people from all over the world to visit the country and explore its Buddhist sites. By doing so, India can play a significant role in promoting peace, compassion, and mindfulness globally.


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