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Rihanna shares pictures from her maternity photo shoot

Leave it to Rihanna to set new standards for fashion and authenticity in every situation. The singer and businesswoman recently shared pictures from her maternity photo shoot, which she had done while pregnant with her first child alongside A$AP Rocky, and they are absolutely stunning.

In the photos, Rihanna is dressed in the most revealing of bikinis, proudly showcasing her bare chest. With her hands strategically covering certain areas and her natural hair gracefully flowing, she exudes confidence and beauty. The addition of gold-toned jewelry accentuates her tan skin, creating a mesmerizing visual.

As her belly grows with her first child, she radiates the joy of impending motherhood. Rihanna added a caption to the series of images, calling it “Rub on ya titties,” in honor of her first pregnancy and the magic of her body creating life. She playfully acknowledges that her unborn child, Baby RZA, has no idea how incredible his mother is or how devoted she is about to become.

During the time of the photo shoot, Rihanna was pregnant with her now 1-year-old son, RZA Athelston Mayers. The series consists of seven photos, all taken outdoors against a backdrop of an ocean and palm trees, creating a picturesque setting for the maternity shoot.

Rihanna shares her child with her partner and fellow musician, A$AP Rocky. It’s worth noting that Rihanna is currently pregnant with her second child, which she announced during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl in February 2023.


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