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Know 5 strange and bizarre facts about sex that will surely amaze you

Though sex is less talked about, people believe they know everything about intercourse.

Here are 5 surprising sex-related facts:

Dreaming sex: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s research found that men and women have different dreams that have sexual elements. While men fantasize about having sex with multiple partners, women dream of having sex with celebrities, politicians, ex-lovers, or their current partners.

Sex can heal the headache: According to research from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, sex will decrease headache. The same study also found that migraine sufferers have been found to have increased levels of sexual desire.

Socks lead to sex: According to a study from the University of Groningen, wearing socks during intercourse increases the chances of experiencing an orgasm.

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Loss of sexual desire:  People who abstain from sex for a long time will lose  sexual desire.

Most females orgasm: According a study  conducted by William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian of the California-based Center for Marital and Sexual Studies, a female have 134 orgasms in one hour, or 2.2 times each minute. As of now, Sylvia Konior has the record for having 138 orgasms in a single hour. Whereas the record for men’s orgasms per hour is 16.


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