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Country with biggest penis size revealed

A recent study conducted by a pharmacy firm gas revealed the average penis size of men in different countries. They used google data from 86 countries to conduct their study.

As per the study, men in Ecuador are the most well-endowed, with an average penis size of 6.93 inches when erect. This makes the measurement more than 10 percent of the average height.  Cameroon is in the second place  with an average size of 6.56 inches. It is  followed by Bolivia, with 6.50 inches. Men of Sudan are in the 5th position 6.48 inches, and finally Haiti with 6.30 inches.

The study found that Cambodians have the smallest penis size when erect, coming in at just 3.95 inches long. Men of Taiwan have an average size of 4.24 inches and Philippines sit just above, with 4.27 inches.

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Men in the US have an average size of 5.35 inches, putting them in 59th place. Men in England are in the 66th place with an average size of 5.17 inches. France is in the 11th place, with an average penis size of 6.20 inches. India ranks 56th with 13.71 cm.


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