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These are the common sex mistakes women make in bed

Here are  five common mistakes that women make in bed.

No telling about likes and dislikes:  In a sexual relationship, partners must be open. They must always tell their partner about their likes and dislikes. Men love women expressing their likes and dislikes in bed.

No initiation: This is the most common mistake that women make. As per experts, men like women making invitation in bed. It is not a rule that only men can take the first step.

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Overthinking your body flaws: Grown up men, do not care about what you think are your body flaws. They just want the warmth of skin. And in most cases,  what women  see as flaws could be cute for them. All you need is confidence and you are good to go.

Overthinking about  doing it right: Overthinking about doing it right is stupidity. The more conscious you become, the more awkward you get and you could kill the mood. Just go with flow because even your partner would love that.

Being to coy in bed: Be wild, embrace yourself because even men love that side in their women, at least when it comes to sex. Being coy is boring in bed.




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