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Black Mirror creator uses Artificial Intelligence to make the 6th season

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be utilized in the production of web shows, beginning with the popular Netflix series “Black Mirror.” Creator Charlie Brooker recently revealed his decision to test this highly-discussed AI technology on his next project. While writing the latest season of the anthology series, Brooker admitted that he “toyed around with ChatGPT a bit.”

Regarding the effectiveness of AI technology, Charlie Brooker commented, “The first thing I did was type ‘generate Black Mirror episode,’ and it comes up with something that, at first glance, seems plausible, but upon closer inspection, it’s not great. It simply combines and rehashes synopses of Black Mirror episodes without any real original thought. It’s akin to [1970s impressionist] Mike Yarwood—there’s a topical reference.”

Reflecting on his AI experiment, Brooker mentioned, “I realized that I had written many episodes where someone discovers they were inside a computer all along. So I decided to discard any preconceived notion of what I thought a Black Mirror episode should be.”

The Emmy-winning writer further stated, “There’s no point in having an anthology show if you can’t break your own rules. It’s like a refreshing splash of cold water on the face.”

In the upcoming sixth season of Black Mirror, viewers can anticipate five episodes, each set in a different reality and exploring the repercussions of modern technology gone wrong. The new season is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on June 15.


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