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Govindan’s Threat of Lawsuit Over Media’s ‘Anti-Government Campaign’

CPM State Secretary M V Govindan has issued a warning to media channels, stating that he will take legal action if they continue their “anti-government, anti-SFI campaign.” His statement came in response to the case filed against Asianet News Chief Reporter Akhila Nandakumar, who had reported that SFI State Secretary P M Arsho was declared ‘pass’ on the Maharaja’s College website despite not appearing for any exams.

According to Govindan, the case against the reporter is based on a conspiracy to falsely declare a student as having passed an exam when their score was actually zero. He emphasized that media outlets should stay within their defined boundaries and referenced previous cases of a similar nature.

Despite these developments, Govindan rejected any comparisons to the alleged witch-hunt of media by the Union Government. He insisted that anyone involved in the conspiracy should face legal action, claiming that the media had actually supported such measures in the past.

Govindan further stated that those involved in the conspiracy would face legal consequences without any exceptions. During a P K Kunjanandan commemoration meeting, he accused the media of labeling Kunjanandan, a widely respected figure, as an extremist.

Opposition leader V D Satheesan responded to Govindan’s remarks, criticizing the CPM for its audacity and temerity in power. He argued that the authority to govern lies with the Chief Minister, not the party secretary, and viewed the situation as a government-led witch-hunt against the media.


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