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Adele pauses her Las Vegas concert to talk about the Titan submersible tragedy

The devastating tragedy involving Oceangate’s Titan submersible has captured the world’s attention, and even singer Adele took a moment during her recent concert to address the catastrophic incident.

During her show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Adele paused midway to discuss the ocean adventure and asked the audience if they would be willing to embark on such an expedition to see the remains of the Titanic.

Sitting by her piano on stage, Adele interrupted her performance to pose the impromptu question to the audience. She remarked on the “crazy” story of the submersible and expressed her sadness, acknowledging the tragic nature of the event.

Adele shared that she had been debating with her friends in their group chat, with many claiming they would never undertake such an adventure. However, she believed that many people would indeed be interested in exploring the depths of the ocean.

She then asked the concertgoers to raise their hands if, before that week, they would have chosen to descend to the very bottom of the ocean to see the Titanic. The majority of the audience shared Adele’s sentiment and indicated they would not opt for the deep-sea voyage. She also inquired about their willingness to travel to space, which has piqued the interest of billionaires.

Reacting to the audience’s response, Adele humorously admitted that she wouldn’t do either because she’s a bit of a scaredy cat and even avoids roller coasters.

However, when a video of Adele’s impromptu Q&A went viral on social media, it received backlash from some users who felt she was making light of a tragic situation. Criticism arose, questioning her sympathy for those who had lost their lives.

The incident involving the Titan submersible concluded with the confirmation that it had imploded in the ocean depths, resulting in the death of all five individuals on board. The US Coast Guard confirmed the sub’s “catastrophic implosion,” revealing the tragic outcome of the expedition.


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