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Know how to activate unknown tracker alerts on your Android device

Mumbai: Google has recently introduced the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature. The feature is  available to Android smartphone users running Android 6.0 or above. The feature aims to help users identify and safeguard against unknown trackers.

The process to manage this feature varies depending on the Android version:

For Android 12 and later: Go to Settings on your device > Tap on Safety & emergency > Select Unknown tracker alerts > Toggle Allow alerts on or off.

For Android 11 and earlier: Access Settings on your device > Tap on Google > Personal safety > Choose Unknown tracker alerts >

Toggle Allow alerts on or off. It’s important to note that turning off unknown tracker alerts will clear previous alerts and erase any associated data. This data cannot be recovered.

The feature’s functionality includes notifying users when an unknown tracker is detected. If such a notification appears, users can take the following steps:

Tap the tracker notification to open a map on your device.

Locate where the tracker has been detected traveling with you.

Tap Play sound to make the tracker emit a sound, aiding in locating it. (Note: Playing the sound doesn’t notify the tracker’s owner.)

Follow the sound to find the tracker.

If you find the tracker, tap Next steps and follow the onscreen instructions.

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Users can also manually check for unknown trackers by following these steps:

Navigate to Settings.

Select Safety & Emergency, then tap Unknown tracker alerts.

Tap Scan now.

Your device will take about 10 seconds to complete the manual scan.


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