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Modi’s 2024 BJP Poster: ‘I’ll Return!’ – Congress Questions: Is PM a Cyborg?

As the highly anticipated INDIA alliance gathering approaches in Mumbai, the BJP has unveiled a striking poster on microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter), playfully likening Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the iconic character from the 1984 Hollywood film ‘The Terminator.’

In a clear dig at the opposition coalition, the BJP’s post boldly asserts that Modi will continue to hold the position of prime minister even after the upcoming general elections. The post reads, “While the opposition entertains notions of defeating PM Modi, the reality remains unshaken – The Terminator always emerges victorious.” Accompanying this statement is an illustrative poster portraying Modi donned in Terminator attire and clasping a lotus, emblematic of the BJP. The poster’s caption reads, ‘2024! I’ll be back’, evidently referencing the memorable catchphrase linked with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from James Cameron’s science fiction masterpiece.

However, the opposition was swift to highlight that the Terminator depicted in the film was a cyborg assassin dispatched from the year 2029.

Mockingly, the Congress Kerala took to platform X to express, “BJP IT cell, Terminator? Seriously? Does this mean you’re acknowledging that Modi is, in reality, a cyborg assassin camouflaged as a human?” This message was accompanied by a repost of the BJP’s Terminator-themed poster.

The poster’s release comes on the eve of the impending INDIA alliance gathering in Mumbai, a meeting anticipated to witness opposition leaders delineating a collaborative campaign strategy to confront the BJP-led NDA in the forthcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections, while also endeavoring to reconcile their internal differences.


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