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Know which is better spontaneous sex  or planned sex

Several people believe that planned or premeditated sex is less satisfying because both partners are aware of the context under which it will happen. Most people think that spontaneous sex is more satisfying.  Spontaneous sex is depicted as more exciting and pleasurable in movies, pop culture, and in literature.

As per studies, both planned and spontaneous sexual encounters have their merits and can contribute to a fulfilling and vibrant sex life. Engaging in planned sex can foster communication and understanding between partners. The act of planning allows for open discussions about desires, boundaries, and fantasies, creating a solid foundation of trust and intimacy. Conversely, spontaneous encounters can reignite the flames of desire.

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A new study published in The Journal of Sex Research has  revealed that spontaneous sex encounters did not show any definitive or direct association with greater sexual satisfaction. The study also found that when people viewed their last sexual encounter as planned, they were likely to report lower sexual satisfaction. However, this was not true in cases where people endorsed planned sex beliefs more strongly.



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