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Everything you need to know about table sex

‘Table Sex’ or sex on the kitchen table will spice up your sexual life. As per sexologists, there several benefits of having sex on the kitchen table. It makes partners to get out of that comfort zone, the bedroom.

Table can become a leverage: The table can be used as a leverage. One can control the angle  of penetration or the depth while both the partners are facing the table.

Effective stimulation: Use the faucet on the sink if you can. If the faucet is detachable it gets better. It can be used for effective clitoral stimulation. Let the receiving partner sit in the sink or partially in it and the giver can use the faucet on them.

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Best position for oral: Being seated on a table and getting an oral is the best.  The receiver is more accessible to the giver and the giver is not uncomfortable either. There is better and easier access to the private parts and the erogenous zones can be reached easily.

Easy cleaning: On the bed, sex means cleaning the sheets, the pillow covers. On a kitchen table, it is easy to clean.

Easy access to erogenous zones:  If the height is perfect then both partners  have easy access to each other’s erogenous zones.



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