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Sharon Stone Reveals Health Struggles Impacting Her Career

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, who endured a life-altering brain hemorrhage in 2001, recently opened up about the profound trauma she has grappled with over the past 22 years. According to Stone, her health challenges have significantly impacted her career, given the need to manage ongoing repercussions. She candidly stated, “I need eight hours of uninterrupted sleep for my brain medication to work so that I don’t have seizures. So I’m a disability hire, and because of that, I don’t get hired a lot. These are the things that I’ve been dealing with for the past 22 years, and I am open about that now.”

Following her hospitalization, the renowned ‘Basic Instinct’ star experienced disorienting symptoms such as stuttering, impaired vision, and memory loss. However, it wasn’t solely her health issues and the dearth of work opportunities that shook her world. Her marriage to Phil Bronstein, with whom she had adopted her son Roan (now 23), crumbled in the aftermath of her health crisis and ultimately led to divorce in 2001. She reflected, “I lost everything. I lost all my money. I lost custody of my child. I lost my career. I lost all those things that you feel are your real identity and your life. I never really got most of it back, but I’ve reached a point where I’m okay with it, where I really do recognize that I’m enough.”

The ‘Casino’ actor, also a mother to Laird (18) and Quinn (17), has come to embrace the realization that she doesn’t need to constantly care for others and it’s perfectly acceptable for her to acknowledge her own vulnerabilities.


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