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Know the causes behind poor sex capacity

If you enjoy sex with a partner, then interest towards sex never decreases. Despite this, it is seen that there is a lack of libido in young married couples. They are not enjoying sex as much as they should. If you too are going through this kind of trouble, then try to know why the libido is coming down. Knowing the reason, you can improve your sexual relation.

Exercising too much:  Exercising is always good. This does not mean that you spend your extra time exercising. According to a recent research, if you do hard labor during exercise, it increases the tension in the body, which causes disturbances in the androcaine system. As a result, the level of testosterone can be reduced due to extra exercise which reduces the desire for sex.

Due to excess exercise, estrogen levels can also decrease, which is expected to reduce libido. It also makes you feel tired and lethargic all the time. This is the reason why you stay away from sex.

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Staying under too much stress:  People who suffer from stress all the time also have a decrease in libido. According to experts, stress hormone levels increase due to stress hormone called cortisol. This reduces testosterone and libido. This is the reason why the desire for sex decreases.

Not getting enough sleep: According to experts, libido can also be reduced by not getting enough rest, due to which you may have problems like depression, weight gain. These are also the factors responsible for lack of libido. According to a study, men who take only 5 hours of sleep every day of the week are as weak as children of 15 years. Overall, the point is to increase libido, take enough rest.

Spending time with technology: Phone, computer, TV etc. have become an integral part of life. You must make some distance from technology. Because of not doing so, your libido is decreasing day by day.




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