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AIIMS Delhi provides WhatsApp contact for reporting touts

AIIMS Delhi has launched a crackdown on unauthorized individuals exploiting patients by sharing a WhatsApp number for lodging complaints and providing evidence against such malpractices. The hospital administration aims to curb instances where patients are fleeced or bribes are sought by touts or agents, especially in matters related to medication procurement, investigations, or referrals to other hospitals. The designated number, 9355023969, is set to become operational by the end of February 2024, with strict instructions to report instances of exploitation or bribery.

The initiative, spearheaded by AIIMS Director M Srinivas, targets the eradication of touting and bribery within the hospital premises. The provided WhatsApp number is solely dedicated to complaints related to these offenses, with a focus on ensuring transparency and accountability in patient care services. The security department will monitor the number round the clock, with a team ready to investigate and take immediate action upon receiving complaints.

Furthermore, the hospital has outlined a comprehensive protocol for handling complaints, including prompt verification and necessary disciplinary actions against offenders. Notably, AIIMS underscores the collective responsibility of all staff members in maintaining a tout-free and bribe-free environment, with stringent measures in place to hold accountable those responsible for supervisory oversights. Through these measures, AIIMS aims to uphold integrity and trust in its healthcare services.


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