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Practice these yoga asanas for better sex life

Several studies has  revealed that practising yoga regularly can lower cortisol levels. A lower cortisol level will lower stress levels in the body. This reduced stress will improve sex life as sexual drive may decline as your stress level rises.

Yoga can help you become more flexible and may also aid with general sexual function. It teaches you how to manage your mind and how to pay attention to your body.

Yoga asanas to improve sex life:

Anand Balasana (Happy baby posture):

Lay on your back to start. At this point, raise your knees toward your stomach. Pull your feet apart, opening your knees while you reach up to grab hold of your toes with the corresponding arms. In order to stretch, lift your heels while pulling downward with your hands.

Setu Bandhasana ( Bridge pose):

As you start, lie on your back. Now place your feet hip-width apart while bending both knees. With your palms down, place your arms on the floor. While keeping your shoulders and head on the floor, raise your pelvic region and torso. Hold for a short while before returning gradually to your starting posture. Repeat several times. Make sure your lower back is not being strained. Your pelvic muscles, which are important for healthy sex, will be strengthened with the help of this pose

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Utthan Pristhasana( Lizard pose):

With your hands inside and one foot in front, begin on all fours. Either raise with your toes tucked in or keep your back knee down. Keep your chest raised while allowing your hips to droop and lowering your forearms. For two minutes, breathe steadily; then, when you’re ready, gradually let go. Regular practise of this pose enhances blood flow to the reproductive organs, which can enhance sexual function.


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