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Here’s how ‘Princess’ Ivanka trumped stepmother Melania for influence in White House

The tenure of Donald Trump in the White House was characterized by internal power struggles, not only among administration members but also within the former president’s family, as he currently leads as the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nominee in the upcoming November elections.

In the recently published book “American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden,” White House reporter Katie Rogers exposes the intense power struggle between former First Lady Melania Trump and her stepdaughter Ivanka during their time in the White House. The feud allegedly began when Melania, aged 53, delayed her move into the White House, allowing Ivanka, aged 42, to assume first lady duties, igniting a silent battle between the two women.

The book delves into the details of their contentious relationship, characterized by an ongoing struggle for influence and media attention.

Ivanka Trump: The ‘Princess’ in the White House
According to Rogers, Ivanka wasted no time in attempting to sideline Melania by devising plans to renovate the East Wing of the White House and reorganize the official residence to cater to the entire first family, rather than just the first lady.

However, Melania reportedly referred to her stepdaughter as “The Princess” and rebuffed attempts to diminish her role.

Despite Melania’s avoidance of many traditional public duties, the book suggests that she remained fixated on public perception.

She meticulously monitored press coverage and social media mentions to gauge reactions from both critics and supporters.


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