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Know factors that cause low testosterone levels in men

Testosterone is a sex hormone.   It is a major hormone in men. Healthy testosterone levels are crucial for many bodily functions including proper sex function, maintaining bone health, mood stabilization, adequate muscle growth, red blood cell production and more. Several factors including  both diet and lifestyle mistakes can y cause a decline in testosterone levels.

4 ways you are lowering your testosterone levels:

1. Diet mistakes:

Some foods can lower testosterone levels. Highly processed foods, too much sugar, baked foods, soy, flaxseeds, alcohol, mint and some herbs can negatively affect your testosterone levels.

2. Obesity:

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Obesity is a common risk factor for several health conditions. It can also affect your testosterone levels. According to studies, weight loss in men can elevate testosterone levels effectively.

3. Lack of sleep:

Inadequate sleep can contribute to mood changes, weight gain, high blood pressure and much more. Sleep disruption can lower testosterone levels. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

4. Uncontrolled diabetes and blood pressure

Poorly managed diabetes can also contribute to low testosterone levels. Other health conditions like hypertension and high cholesterol levels may also affect this hormone.

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels:

Low sex drive

Low bone density


Poor energy levels

Reduced muscles mass

Symptoms of depression

Reduced concentration



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