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Retired judges address CJI over judiciary’s integrity concerns

Retired judges, totaling 21 from both the Supreme Court and high courts, penned a letter to the Chief Justice of India highlighting concerns regarding attempts to weaken the judiciary. They cited “calculated pressure, misinformation, and public disparagement” as tactics aimed at undermining public trust in the judicial system. While not specifying particular incidents, their letter coincided with a contentious discourse between the ruling BJP and opposition parties over corruption cases involving opposition leaders.

The retired judges, including notable names like Deepak Verma, Krishna Murari, Dinesh Maheshwari, and M R Shah, accused critics of employing insidious methods to influence judicial processes and tarnish the integrity of courts and judges. They expressed dismay at the manipulation of public sentiment and dissemination of baseless theories to compromise judicial independence, particularly in cases of social, economic, and political significance.

Emphasizing the importance of judicial autonomy and safeguarding against undue influence, the retired judges urged the judiciary, spearheaded by the Supreme Court, to resist such pressures. They stressed the judiciary’s role as a fundamental pillar of democracy, essential for upholding the rule of law and ensuring impartiality, regardless of transient political agendas.


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