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TDB seeks scientific disposal of 6 lakh Sabarimala Aravana cans

The Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) has issued a tender notice for the scientific disposal of over 6.65 lakh Aravana containers, a sweet mixture offered to devotees at Sabarimala temple in Kerala. This move follows the January 2023 High Court ban on the sale of Aravana due to pesticide residue found in the cardamom used. The stored stock, valued at approximately Rs 5.3 crore, must be carefully removed and disposed of to avoid environmental harm and wildlife attraction.

Agencies interested in the disposal process have until the 21st of this month to approach the TDB with a scientific disposal plan. The cans, stored in Pampa, need to be transported without causing public or environmental issues. Only those agencies presenting a viable scientific disposal strategy will be selected. Additionally, the tender stipulates that containers featuring Lord Ayyappa’s label must not be publicly disposed of or displayed, to avoid offending devotees.

The paper containers, each holding 250 millilitres and featuring an aluminum cover, have expired and are no longer fit for consumption, necessitating careful handling. The chosen agency will be responsible for transporting the containers to Pampa and the designated disposal area at their own expense, ensuring the Aravana does not reach the public. The Supreme Court has advised that the government should coordinate with the TDB for the scientific disposal of these containers.


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