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Check out the best times to drink water

The best times to drink water include:

1. Upon Waking: Drinking water first thing in the morning helps rehydrate your body after a night’s sleep and kick-starts your metabolism.

2. Before Meals: Consuming water before meals can help you feel fuller, leading to potentially eating less and aiding in digestion.

3. Between Meals: Drinking water between meals helps maintain hydration levels throughout the day and can help prevent overeating during meals.

4. Before, During, and After Exercise: Staying hydrated before, during, and after exercise is crucial for performance and recovery.

5. When Feeling Thirsty: Thirst is a signal that your body needs hydration, so listen to your body and drink water whenever you feel thirsty.

6. Before Bed: Drinking water before bed can help prevent dehydration overnight and promote better sleep. However, be mindful not to drink too much to avoid disrupting sleep with frequent trips to the bathroom.


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