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Everything you need to know about marital hatred

Marital hatred is hating your partner in a relationship. Marital hatred is that time period in a marriage where the partners see each other in a negative light too often. Marital hatred is a phase in a married couple’s life where differences seem irreconcilable for some time.

When the  energy between partners becomes strikingly negative, then it can be said that the partners are having marital hatred. Things will get negative at a point where partners do is find faults within each other.

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When a relationship is going through this phase, then  couple  will become quickly frustrated with each other’s quirky habits. You both may become agitated with each other, and this may go on.

Marital hatred can turn extremely negative and threaten a marriage to a huge extent. It may lead the couple to getting a divorce.

At this point, only a   marriage therapist or a counsellor  can solve the issue. The most effective way to get rid this phase is good  and open communication. Couples can focus on each other’s qualities that make them special and unique. Try to appreciate the good qualities and understand why you love them. Increase your touches with your partner and kiss them whenever you can. Little acts of intimacy may ignite the spark between  the couples.


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