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Warning signs of diabetes seen in morning

Diabetes, particularly in its early stages, can present with several warning signs that are noticeable in the morning. Recognizing these signs early can lead to timely diagnosis and management. Here are some common morning symptoms of diabetes:

1. Excessive Thirst (Polydipsia)
– Waking up extremely thirsty and feeling the need to drink large amounts of water.

2. Frequent Urination (Polyuria)
– Needing to urinate frequently during the night or waking up with an urgent need to go to the bathroom.

3. Fatigue
– Feeling unusually tired or exhausted upon waking, even after a full night’s sleep.

4. Dry Mouth
– Experiencing a persistent dry mouth in the morning.

5. Blurry Vision
– Noticing that your vision is blurry when you first wake up.

6. Headaches
– Waking up with headaches, which can be a result of high blood sugar levels.

7. Nausea
– Feeling nauseous or experiencing stomach discomfort upon waking.

8. Slow-Healing Sores or Frequent Infections
– Noticing that cuts, sores, or infections are taking longer to heal than usual.

9. Unexplained Weight Loss
– Losing weight without trying, even though you may be eating normally or more than usual.

10. Tingling or Numbness in Hands or Feet
– Experiencing a tingling sensation or numbness in the extremities when you wake up.

11. Mood Changes
– Feeling irritable or having mood swings in the morning.

12. Gum Problems
– Experiencing red, swollen, or tender gums, or noticing that gums are pulling away from the teeth.



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