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Know ideal diet for  good vaginal health

Maintaining one’s lady parts is just as important as maintaining one’s health in general. But it’s not always necessary to use chemically treated feminine wash; just as with any other organ, it’s always a good idea to take care of your vagina organically.

While maintaining proper cleanliness and going to the gynaecologist on a regular basis is sufficient to maintain a perfect PH balance there, but here are some foods that will assist you in warding off UTI and bacteria. Be it infections or discharges, these foods can help one take care of vaginal health.


Kimchi is fairly popular right now, and you might be surprised to learn that eating it has several health benefits in addition to just giving food flavour. Since kimchi is beneficial for combating infections and keeping the sleezy bacteria at bay, probiotics are also good for keeping the pH level down.


The vagina is protected from UTI by cranberries. Because drinking too much cranberry juice can cause yeast infections due to the sugar content, some pharmaceutical companies have developed cranberry juice pills that are effective in treating UTIs.

Several glasses of cranberry juice are equal to one pill, and studies show that this can effectively prevent bacteria like E. coli from colonising the vaginal walls.


The solution to practically every problem in the world is to eat green, leafy vegetables. Spinach and all the other greens are beneficial for enhancing blood flow throughout your body since they are high in magnesium. This improves stimulation and circulation, reducing vaginal dryness in the process.

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Sweet potatoes

This underground tuber, which is high in vitamin A, can support female fertility. Additionally, sweet potatoes aid in building muscle tissue, which strengthens and maintains the vaginal walls. Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, which is beneficial for a healthy reproductive system.


A joyful and healthy vagina can result from including garlic in your diet on a regular basis. Garlic’s anti-microbial qualities aid in the prevention of yeast infections and stop bacteria from penetrating the uterine walls.


The real answer to everything is to hydrate. Water consumption facilitates vaginal cleaning, which essentially occurs on its own. Drink as much water as you can because it not only helps to lubricate joints but also promotes a perfect pH balance


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