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Know what is ‘Plushophilia’

Plushophilia involves a sexual attraction to stuffed animals or toys. It is also called plushie fetishism. This condition  generally refers to a sexual interest in stuffed animals or anthropomorphic creatures, often depicted as animals with human-like features.

As per sex therapists, plushophilia is when people become sexually aroused by and enjoy sexually interacting with stuffed animals. It is a type of paraphilia, which is experiencing sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, behaviors, or fantasies that fall outside societal norms.

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Some common forms of plushophilia can include a sexual attraction to specific types of plushies, such as teddy bears or cartoon characters, a desire for cuddling or comfort from plushies, and a sexual interest in using plushies as props or substitutes during sexual activity.

The following are some common signs that an adult person is a plushophile:

An obsession with stuffed animals or toys

A sexual attraction to stuffed animals or toys

Feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and arousal when being physically close to stuffed animals or toys

Modifying stuffed animals or toys by creating holes to make it possible to engage with them sexually

Sexual engagement with stuffed animals or toys


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