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Elderly Woman Robbed and Pushed Out of Autorickshaw in Kozhikode

In a disturbing incident in Kozhikode, an elderly woman named Josephina, 68, was robbed of her gold chain by an autorickshaw driver who had pretended to offer her a ride. After arriving by train early on Wednesday, she was on her way to the KSRTC bus station when the driver, instead of taking her to the bus stand, took a different route and then snatched her necklace. During the struggle, she was pushed out of the moving vehicle and left on the roadside.

Josephina, originally from Wayanad, lay injured on the roadside for about an hour before managing to walk half a kilometer to catch a bus to her brother’s residence. She sought medical treatment at a private hospital, where she underwent surgery for serious injuries, including a broken jaw and dislodged teeth. The police are actively searching for the autorickshaw and its driver responsible for the attack.

Josephina had just returned from visiting her son in Kayamkulam and arrived at Kozhikode railway station on the Malabar Express. As she exited the station, the autorickshaw driver approached and offered her a ride. She accepted, unaware of his intentions. When the driver diverted from the expected route, her suspicions arose. Confronting him led to the robbery and her subsequent ejection from the vehicle. Injured and left helpless, she recounted how the driver stopped briefly to glance at her before callously driving away.


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