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Ramadan : 5 tips to prepare

Millions of Muslims around the world mark the start of Ramadan — a month of intense prayer, dawn-to-dusk fasting and nightly feasts .Every Muslim wants to make the best of the month to avail the blessings of the holy month.

This tips help you to prepare the coming Ramadan.

1: Fast voluntarily

The best way to prepare you to fast relentlessly for 30 days of Ramadan is to start fasting voluntarily. You can choose to fast once or twice a week as per your convenience. Fasting during the ongoing month of Shaaban of the Muslim calendar is highly encouraged in Islam to ease fasting during Ramadan.

2:Cut down on eating

Have been snacking a lot while at work? Cutting down on snacking will help you fast better during Ramadan. You won’t feel the long gap between your meals. Also, try to cut down on eating out.This will not only make you healthier but also manage your craving for fast food during the holy month.Adapt health food habits that you can carry during Ramadan. You may choose to learn some healthy recipes for the holy month. Taking meals at fixed times will also help dealing with long hours of fasting.

3: Consult doctor

For those suffering from diabetes, blood pressure or any other health issue, it is the time to speak to the doctor. Ask your doctor if you can fast. The doctor shall guide you on how to stay healthy while fasting. You may be required to start any medication or routine for Ramadan.

4: Regulate your sleep pattern

The sleep pattern changes completely during the month of Ramadan.  And if you are amongst the late risers, you may need to work on your sleeping habit. Try to go to bed early and wake up on time. If possible, try taking naps during the day. The habit can help you stay energetic during the Ramadan.

5: Quit smoking

For smokers, fasting can be a real challenge. Smokers who fast unprepared during Ramadan can experience withdrawal symptoms like irritability, anger, headache and difficulty fasting for long hours. Cutting down on smoking or quitting it altogether before Ramadan can make fasting far easier. It is also a good idea to consult a doctor for advice on how to quit smoking during Ramadan.



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