Why there is sudden weight gain after moving to UAE?

The sudden weight gain and the extra flab one puts on after they move to UAE, is the main health problem faced by many.
Many factors can be contributed to it such as: Unhealthy lifestyle, frequent food takeaways and lack of exercise being the biggest ones.
Ishi Khosla, nutritionist and brand expert at Weightmonitor, list some other causes too. “It’s not just one reason but a combination of things including high carbohydrate diets, high sugar intakes, sugary or carbonated drinks, processed food, late dinners, food sensitivities and poor digestive health.”
Here are the top five reasons on why weight gain is common problem in emirates.
High temperature
No one wants go out for an outdoor activity when the temperature soars upto 40 degrees. So most of us stay at indoors to avoid sun. Not going out because of the rising mercury can add to one’s waistline.
Munching out
Dubai is famous for  Friday brunches that are marked on people’s calendars. Also there is eateries available in every nook and corner of Dubai, and hence most of the expats end up eating out after their long working hours or are too lazy to cook.Also home delivery in Dubai is always free and also most of the eateries will have offers every day of the week.
High-stress jobs 
The high stress at work place can add pounds on one’s body as it increases levels of the cortisol hormone, which increases fat storage and appetite.
Sleep is not your priority 
Many tend to watch TV lying in bed to catch up with late night  movies, not caring about one’s sleep. Or maybe one might try to spend most of the time with his /her family and won’t let their sleep pattern to affect the quality time with family.
Not drinking enough water 
One need to stay hydrated through the day. Drinking water in regular intervals can be a hunger suppressant as the stomach will be always full. On the contrary, the body may confuse hunger with thirst if one don’t drink enough glasses of water a day. If not water, add juices or decaffeinated tea or coffee to have the liquid flowing.


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