Kejriwal turns out to be the biggest fraud in nation’s political history ever

One has to remember who Kejriwal was five years ago. Arvind Kejriwal used to be a name which was lesser known to the public.

In 2011, we had seen the emergence of an Anti Corruption crusader in the team Anna who launched the India Against Corruption Movement. In a short duration of one year, he became well popular among the public. People believed that he was a humble, honest and dedicated person who could bring in a revolution in the political scenario of India.

However, after five years India witnessed Kejriwal’s another face which is more threatening than the Congress. The fake mask which he wore for two years during the Anti Corruption Movement has fell down finally ! His real face of abusing, accusing and the worst of all, his anti-national attitude has come to the limelight.

RSN Singh, Former Intelligence Officer in Military and Research & Analysis Wing expert revealed the most shocking and unbelievable facts about Kejriwal with solid evidence which stunned the entire nation.

It is a sad news for every Indian when they think that a man who is much worser than the Congress has been introduced into our system. It is time for us to think whether was it only Anna’s movement which helped Kejriwal build up his own party, which helped him fund his party and people for campaign.

Whatever, let us face the bitter consequences ! No party can be established without money, either elections or campaigns cannot be won without money. So, do you think he managed everything with the money he collected from the people? If you believe so, there can’t be a much bigger joke than that.



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