Expelled AAP minister faints during Press Conference

Kapil Mishra former AAP minister who was sacked  on Sunday made fresh accusations against AAP and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, alleging “massive financial irregularities” and threatening to “drag Kejriwal to jail by the collar”. He claimed that the party had lied to the Election Commission, laundered money through shell companies and concealed donations from public.
The press conference that Mishra had called at his residence to make the promised “sensational disclosures”, however, ended on a surprise and sudden note when he fainted.
He was taken to RML Hospital, where the doctors said that former AAP leader who has been on a hunger strike for the past four days was “dehydrated” and “mildly weak”, but stable. For his press conference, Mishra was armed with stacks of papers, a slideshow, some cheques and slogans such as “Now it is clear, Kejriwal is corrupt”. He threatened to “drag Kejriwal out of his chair”, claimed he had “papers to prove multiple scams”, and also promised to take questions on them — before fainting.
The former Water Resources and Tourism Minister in the Kejriwal government, before taking ill, alleged that the party received funds wroth “crores of rupees” from several “shell” companies.
“All this happened with the knowledge of Arvind Kejriwal as these shell companies deposited money in the AAP bank account on the same day and time in January 2014,” Mishra said, brandishing documents.
He demanded Kejriwal’s resignation, and immediately after that lost consciousness.
The ex-minister had, after he was sacked, levelled personal allegations of “corruption” against Kejriwal and his minister Satyendar Jain.

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