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Tragic Jet crash in New Jersey killed crew members

A jet struck a building and crashed while trying to land at the airport near New York City Monday. Two crew members were killed and sparking a fire that sent thick smoke.

Police said no passengers were aboard when it went down in a densely populated residential and industrial area. No civilian was reported to have been injured.

Emergency responders worked for more than an hour to extinguish the blaze, which left a wreckage of cars in the industrial area.

Town spokesman Joe Orlando said pieces of melted engine could be seen in the charred wreckage, along with wheels and part of the fuselage. Witnesses said they heard loud popping noises, apparently from car tires exploding in the heat and flames.

Mark Dykstra, who lives across the street from the crash site, told he felt the impact of the crash.

“We were sitting in our building, and we felt the whole building shake,” he said. “We went outside, and there was black smoke. Thick black smoke.”

A Carlstadt police spokesman said the jet appeared to be listing to its side before it crashed.


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