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This drinking water bottle can make you rich

A water bottle with precious stones was exhibited at Beauty World Middle East, 2017 exhibition held in Dubai.

The price of the bottle ranges from Dh155 to Dh630.

The bottled is ornamented with gemstones like sparkling quartz stone, amethyst stone, white agate, aquamarine, pink quartz, red jasper stone and blue agate.

Each stone reflects its unique properties that contribute to enhancing the freshness and beauty of the skin and body.

The water bottle may look like a unique piece of art, and its charm lies in the fresh water that is placed in a beautiful pot with the gems that appear inside it. The critics enjoy a unique drinking experience with a new dimension where art meets elegance.

The water bottle with an uncommon clean design was exhibited by a German company, VitaJuwel.

The top hole of the bottle is larger enough to make it easier to clean.

The bottle of gems seems to float lightly in the glass container. The bottom of the bottle where the stones are placed can be changed and replaced.

The unique combination of gems has been carefully selected and is available in 9 types.


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